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Reach a community that is looking to go out and have a good time!
Our area of interest for our web viewers:
of Club and Bar listings.

We can place your advertisement throughout the entire web site, or target specific states or state regions, that choice is up to you. We will track your impressions* and provide you with reports.
Advertising Options:
Club, Bar or Restaurant owners please see options below. General online advertising is being sold in CPM* (Cost Per Thousand, see note below). Your advertisement can link to a web site, email address, a listing in our Club database and even one of our photo galleries. You have the choice of 3 different size ads, and various placement options on the site.
Banner:460 pixels wide by 60 pixels tall, full color, 72 DPI and up to 25K in size.
Large Buttons:120 pixels wide by 60 pixels tall, full color, 72 DPI and up to 20K in size.
Small Buttons:88 pixels wide by 31 pixels tall, full color, 72 DPI and up to 12K in size.
Club Square:200 pixels wide by 206 pixels tall, 72 DPI and up to 50K in size. (yep, it's a weird size!). This Square is only used in our bar and club listings, and it appears on all the Club information pages. This is of special interest to clubs, please see below for specifics.
Larger Kilobyte sizes for all buttons are available if you are willing to pay additional rates, just ask.

Location Availability: Your advertisement can appear in selected state listings, and selected regions. Specific availability must be requested at the time your advertisement is purchased. Some web page locations are more popular than the rest (one example would be a Club listing page) and additional advertising charges may apply. Any additional charges will be disclosed prior to any contract arrangements.
Advertising Rate Sheet:
Rates shown here are for banners and buttons. For Club listing information see below.
Banners (460 x 60)  
Entire web site placement
Specific State or Region
Minimum Charge
Large Buttons (120 x 60)  
Entire web site placement
Specific State or Region
Minimum Charge
Small Buttons (88 x 31)  
Entire web site placement
Specific State or Region
Minimum Charge
Club Square (200 x 206)  
Each placement for selected club listings.
Minimum Charge
$75 (1 month)
Bar & Club Listings:
Owners of bars, clubs restaurants and other entertainment establishments can be listed in our system. We are actively looking for such establishments and when we find one we will enter them in for free. But there is no guarantee that the information we enter is entirely accurate. However, we would never intentionally or maliciously provide inaccurate information.

As an owner, you are able to control your listing information, updating it at any time and providing our web users with accurate information that will (hopefully) lead to an enjoyable night out.
Benefits of your listing:
  • Update your standard weekly schedule so users can search your listing quickly.
  • Provide specific information about events, parties and shows you are holding at your place.
  • Provide general announcements that fall outside the normal event or scheduled time. Maybe even a way to announce parties or shows far in advance.
  • Give your potential customers an incentive to visit your place by providing a promotion/coupon that they can print out and bring with them to your place. Or have an online coupon that they can present on their cell phone as they walk in the door.
  • Upload your own graphic or logo. This graphic must follow the parameter of the "Club Square" described above. Sexually explicate graphics are not permitted.
  • Removal of advertising from the top of your listing page.

Club Squares, and advertising:
Since our system is based on advertising, we sell every area available to us. We run an information service for our users, and part of that information is the advertising content. When we provide an bar/club listing, that listing will show advertisement and a default Club OutTonight Square graphic. Since the listing is being provided for free we need to make money some how, so we must permit the advertisers.

Competitor clubs, bars or restaurants may advertise on your free listing but only in the Club Square location. We only sell these Club Square's on a monthly basis, because after all, if you sign up and pay for your listing all the advertising will be removed from your listing.
Bars & Clubs Rate Sheet:
If you are unable to maintain the information on your listing we will be happy to do it for you. You could (snail) mail, email, fax or phone in your information and our staff will gladly update your listing for you.

Rates shown here are for bar/club listings.
Venue Listing Type
Basic, Self MaintainedFREE
Deluxe, unlimited changes made by yourself$365/year
Deluxe, maintained by our staff monthly$635/year
Deluxe, maintained by our staff weekly$1445/year
Deluxe, maintained by our staff daily$6000/year
Minimum Contract1 year
Are you "graphically challenged"?
If you are unable to make your own graphic we can make it for you. You can have the web design team at OutTonight create a banner for you at no extra charge. Just tell us you also need help creating a banner when you fill out the form below.
Advertising Inquery:
For all banner advertisment requests, please fill out this form and someone will get back to you to arrange your ad. If you own a venue that you would like to have listed please visit the Get Listed page. If you don't want to fill out this form you can call us at 888-872-0274.
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Cost Per Thousand - The price advertisers pay for each 1,000 impressions they purchase.

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We are currently tracking how many times each page is getting viewed, but we can customize it to get IP address information and time of day as well. We have other tracking options, you just have to ask for them.

Each page hit gets recorded LAST, after the page is served. Interrupted hits or aborted hits are not recorded. So our tracking is actually a "qualified hit" or more properly termed an "impression". Home